Vision of Cisco behind Acquisition of Whiptail

A great stir is going on in the market about Cisco acquisition of Whiptail as an aisle for data storage market.  This is amazing news after having considered the fact that few giants are leaving the market like TDK but still few others are interested to invest and venture into the lucrative market of data storage just like Cisco.

Cisco entered into Data Storage Market
Cisco entered into Data Storage Market

However, the question is why Cisco acquired Whiptail; a company that makes storage systems based on flash memory chips? The answer lies in vision of the company, this acquisition is considered to be an effective move for the converged infrastructure of Cisco; as it would help the giant to play around its servers, networking equipments, software and now the data storage devices. Hence, Cisco would have a good one-stop-solution to offer to the prospective clients after having utilized the brand image of this giant in the market.

The VP of Corporate Development said that its company opted out for acquisition after having considered the technology up close. This seems like Cisco does not want to rely more on the flash memory partners EMC and NetApp to satisfy its enterprise storage solutions and hence, has finally decided to enter into the global data storage market of $50billion.

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