Types of Data Backup for Businesses

Types of Data Backup for Businesses


Data Backup Types

Different types of data backup are used for businesses. Software applications are used for copying the recently modified files, copying the partial data set or the complete data set of company. Most companies perform partial and full data backup by performing daily backups of modified files and a full backup on a weekly basis.

Partial Backups

Partial backup includes copying of all data files that have been modified since the last backup. Two types of partial backups are majorly used by companies.

Backup Types

Files Transferred

Differential Files changed or added since the last full backup
Incremental Files changed or added since the last partial or fullBackup.

“For the crucial file that are difficult to re-create, you should perform selective data backup any time when required. Never wait for the scheduled data backup time for the crucial file.”

Full Backups

Full backup includes copying of all the files on the system-the data files, system files and the software files. Full backup is recommended to perform on weekly or monthly basis. With the full backup of the system to any external device you can restore the complete data in case of disaster destroys all set of original data.

If data set of your computer is small, you should perform a full backup on a daily basis, otherwise monthly full backup is a good practice.”   


Tape Planning

Partial Backup: First, estimate the size of data to backup in GBs of an average partial (incremental or differential) backup. This amount also includes the data files that are modified on a daily basis. If you incremental backup of data size of 60 GB, you will require only one data tape for every incremental backup.

Full Backup: For a full system backup, you should know the amount of data to backup in GBs. This amount should include all system files, software files and data files. After determining the total data capacity, divide that figure by the total capacity of each tape cartridge. If the total data capacity of your system is 600 GB, and each tape’s storage capacity is 320 GB, you will need 2 tapes.


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