Top 8 Essential Checks for Storage Media Data Protection

The organizations, now-a-days, are looking up for those storage media solutions that ensure certain level of reliability, quality, capacity, cost effectiveness and lastly but fore-mostly, data protection. The decision regarding apt storage media needs to score well on all the constituents of above mentioned criteria but storage media data protection stands out among this lot of important elements.

storage media data protection checklist
storage media data protection checklist

After having understood the importance of data protection in today’s data storage, backup and archiving environment; you should definitely go through the top considerations of a storage media data protection solution before buying it out:

  • A good data protection solution should be able to classify data according to the classes’ e.g. backup data or archived data. The purpose and use of such data differs from each other
  •  Storage media should be checked periodically to ensure data can be fetched when required. A good data protection solution audits such media and provides you with more reliability
  • Storage media should be forwardly compatible
  • A good storage media data protection policy let you treat your different kinds of data distinctly and this is the feature which ultimately enhances the data protection
  • Always look up for those media storage providers who do not only provide you with apt product but also with add-on facilities and world class customer services. ODSI is one of such providers so you can keep them in your consideration set as well
  • If a solution provider is offering prevalent customers with compelling future oriented features and benefits as part of their customer service without charging a single penny then you should also consider such providers because you would be needing upgradation in your solution with time
  • A good storage media solution provider is the one who has hands on experience on and knowledge about support software, operating systems and other computational products as well which are going to be the part of that particular turnkey solution so quality of support matters a lot
  • Credibility of data protection solution providers enhance when he assures that data can be recovered from our storage media. This is critical feature that every company has been looking up in an appropriate and effective storage media

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