Sony LTX800G LTO Ultrium 4 Data Backup Tape Product Review

Product Overview

The LTX800G LTO Ultrium 4 Data Backup Tape is a Data Cartridge developed by Sony for the purpose of data backup and storage. It is the 4th generation in the LTO Backup Tape family.




Key Features

The key features of this tape include the following:

1) Native Storage Capacity of 800 GB (1600 GB Compressed)

2) Data Transfer rate of 120 MB/s (240 MB/s Compressed)

3) Enhanced Security

4) Encryption Capability

5) Compatibility with 2 previous Generations

6) Long Archival Life of 30 years


The tape is durable, secure and built to last for a long time thus making it perfect for long term storage. In fact damage to this tape results in only a part of the data being lost unlike hard disks that lose the entire data.

It is relatively cheaper as it less costly per MB of data storage space. This means that even though other storage devices may have a lower overall cost, this tape is relatively cheaper when it comes to the amount of data storage capacity it provides.

This Sony LTO-4 Data Cartridge can be set up to backup overnight or even over a week depending upon the needs of the company.

This backup tape also possesses better security features than other storage devices thus protecting your data from viruses and other malicious software.


One major disadvantage of the Sony LTX800G LTO-4 Data Cartridge is the larger time it takes to find the data on the magnetic tape. The tape has to be winded to the specific data thus increasing the time for writing and reading data.

This tape is not recommended for short term storage. Prolonged use of the tape results in wear and tear on the tape and can reduce the life of the tape.

Finally this tape is not user friendly like other storage devices especially hard disks. It needs a special software or equipment to actually read, write and extract the data.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a secure, durable and long term backup solution for your company, than the Sony LTX800G LTO Ultrium 4 Tape is a cost effective choice. On the other hand for short term use one should prefer the hard disk.

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