Review of Sony VPL-VW520ES Projector

Review of Sony  VPL-VW520ES Projector

The Good

The Bad

Effective picture presets Occasional convergence issues
Uniquely future proofed No 3D glasses included
Spectacular picture quality HDR success only partial
Quiet ‘Eco’ lamp setting Expensive versus its predecessor

The VPL-VW520ES is the latest addition to Sony’s 4K projector models and costs £8,800. This Sony projector claims to be the first projector for the home usage capable of supporting the new high dynamic range (HDR) picture technology.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a picture technology that lets you enjoy a much wider brightness range than you get with the standard dynamic range home entertainment products.

The Sony VPL-VW520ES Projector comes with a broad line of connectivity options, and includes two 12V trigger outputs, two HDMIs, a LAN port to support network service updates, and an RS232 port to support integration into a home control system.

The HDMIs are capable of playing 4K at 50/60 frames/second and support HDR. Initially it starts with supporting 10-bit color performance with 24 frames/second 4K source material, but this will drop to 8-bit if you feed in 50/60Hz 4K source material.

One other superb advantage of the Sony’s VW520ES is that its native resolution is actually 4096 x 2160 which is greater than the usual 3840 x 2160 found with 4K TVs. No doubt it is True cinema 4K, in the DCI standard, in other words!

Moreover, the VW520ES carries a lens memory feature so that it can adapt to different aspect ratios without the need for an external lens system.

It also includes 300,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with brightness up to 100 lumens. One last feature of the Sony VW520ES Projector is that it supports 3D playback.

The Sony VW520ES looks odd in the presentation of some features, but the positive features are that its remote control is easy to use, even in a dark room; it’s easy to set up and features zoom, focus and image shift. The Sony VW520ES Projector offers a unique features and unique performance level, making its £8,800 price pretty reasonable.


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