Review of Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Series Router

Cisco router 1841 integrated service, as the name defines, is part of the Cisco router 1800 integrated services series. It provides secured data connectivity along with several other features such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, different encryption types and intrusion detection and Prevention systems which make it one of the top notches among the lot.

Cisco 1841 Router
Cisco Router 1841

The product has been reviewed on the following critical points:


  • Firewall protection        

Cisco 1841 router provides firewall protection based on Cisco IOS firmware.

  • VLAN support

It also provides virtual local area network support in order to create multiple domains on single layer-2 network, which is portioned, so that packets can move across different domains via specific routers.

  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

Intrusion detection placed in Cisco 1841 router monitors the data passing through and identifies any possible threat to the system, malicious activities or the policy violations. It also reports the threats aroused from within the network and reports them to administrator.

  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN

DMVPN provides the router its capability to create a dynamic mesh without having to pre-configure the devices at the tunnel ends.

  • Network Admissions Control

Network admission control works like a Wi-Fi granting the access to network only to those peers whose credentials matches or are allowed on the network. Otherwise based on the configuration it allows peers to enter the network as guest or does not allow them.

  • Multiple Interfaces

Device provides several interfaces like USB and 100-Base TX interface. All interfaces are mentioned below:

  • 1 USB slot Class A
  • 1 100-Base TX interface (RJ-45)
  • 2 10-Base TX interfaces
  • Management console with another auxiliary management console


Cisco 1841 router is a first class integrated services router with a small and compact body, comprising of the following dimensions:

  • Width ~ 34cm
  • Length ~ 27cm
  • Height ~ 4cm

Despite of these dimensions weight of the device is very reasonable and it is up to only 1.7kgs. As obvious, weight can increase when expansion card slots are used. 1841 works with both American electrical standards (110V, 60Hz) and European/Asian Standards (220V, 50Hz). Power consumption is as low as up to 50W.

Device comes with a proprietary operating system known as Cisco IOS IP Base.


Security of Cisco 1841 router  integrated services router has different levels.

  • It provides Firewall protection, IPS and IDS.
  • Different encryption methods are used in the device data transfer which are DES, Triple DES, 128, 192 and 256 Bit AES encryption types.
  • Authentication method used for authenticating administrators and end users is Secure Shell v.2. Wired connectivity of this router also provides Network Admission Control (NAC) which allows administrator to perform different authentication procedures specific to certain users.
  • It also provides administration from anywhere in the network system.

Pros & Cons of Cisco 1841

Starting with pros of Cisco routers;

  • It is best suited for providing network services to small-medium sized enterprises and businesses
  • It provides secured internet protocol services to the users while keeping the data rates reasonably higher for VoIP services.
  • Cisco 1841 provides wire speed performances at T1/E1 rates for concurrent services.
  • It further implements DES, Triple DES, SSL and AES encryptions algorithms to keep the data out of the reach of intruders.
  • It also provides network admission control (NAC) which means that you can easily implement antivirus defense support via this feature.

Coming towards the cons of device Cisco 1841 router;

  • It is not best for using two T1/E1 connections.
  • It also does not handle voice better relative to other routers available.
  • It only supports up to 800 VPN tunnels, i.e. if you want more you’ll have to change the router.
  • Being a bit old while having advanced feature also makes Cisco router 1841 a less adoptable choice by consumers who demands latest advanced machines in their hands.

Ease of Use & Performance

Ease of use is the basic part of the product which customer demands. For this purpose, Cisco 1841 router is made desktop mountable. It can also be easily mounted on wall. Further rack mounting kit is also available if user wants. Cisco 1941 router also provides users with expansion card slots. It provides users with one compact flash card slot, 1 memory slot and 2 high speed WAN interface card slots for enhanced performance and increased capabilities.

Further, 1841 devices are designed to provide high performances and as reviewed by consumers they are “sell-it-and-forget-it” Cisco routers which never disappoints. Configuring the router requires some time but once configured it does not gives you problems like other devices which needs continuous configuring and intense care. In short Cisco router 1841 is a high end performance router for small organizations.

Bottom Line

Old Fashioned But a Better Choice

Finally bottom line is that, despite of being old fashioned and a little bit behind the latest Cisco router’s advancements and technologies, Cisco 1841 router is still a better choice for a low scale organization to the middle scaled cooperation until the requirements is of less than 800 VPN tunnels.

Moreover, with hardware based encryption controlled by Cisco IOS software, VPN enhancement using VPN acceleration module, various expansion slots and intrusion prevention and detection system Cisco 1841 router integrated services can serve as ideal to the small group based organizations.

Product Availability 

The Cisco 1841 router can easily be found at ODSI. All you need to do is, contact.

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