Overview of NEC NP-PA500U-13ZL Projector

Overview of NEC NP-PA500U-13ZL Projector

NEC NP-PA500U-13ZL projector is specially designed for professional installations, corporate and higher education uses. This projector is integrated with RJ-45 connector and high speed wireless LAN connectivity features which makes easiness for users to connect wirelessly with projector. HDMI, USB and VGA ports are designed in this projector. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port is used for transferring of uncompressed high definition media files from computer to projector. HDMI cable is used for the transmission of uncompressed video signals.

Operational power consumption of this projector is 464 Watts while standby power consumption is 200 mW.


NEC Projector model NP-PA500U-13ZL has the following features.

ECO Mode

The latest ECO Mode technology extends projector’s lamp life and lowers the overall power consumption of projector. Normal mode lamp life is 3000 hours while ECO mode lamp life is 4000 hours. ECO mode usage increases lamp life to 1000 hours.

Stacking Capability

Stacking capability of projector allows projector to brighten images up to 20000 lumens which is ideal for large size screen and for the environments of ambient light.

HQV Video Processing

High performance video processing system is installed in NEC NP-PA500U-13ZL projector for computer signals and for standard and high-definition videos.  This feature gives high quality results to meeting rooms and class rooms.

NP-PA500U-13ZL_Front View
NP-PA500U-13ZL_Front View

Windows Networking

Windows Networking feature allows you to access media and document files through shared folder.

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop feature allows you to access a remote networked computer by just connecting a USB connector mouse and keyboard to projector.

Wall Color Correction

Wall color correction feature in projector corrects display colors when projected at non-white surfaces.

Auto Sense

Auto Sense feature automatically senses any computer signals and displays projection at only one-touch optimization.

5 Bayonet-Style Lenses

Lens of projector could be changed that allows user to adjust the resolution and projection location from 2.6 to 283 feet.

Geometric Correction Tool

Geometric Correction Tool allows users to project square images to non-flat screens without any distortion.


3 years NEC warranty.

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