Perks of Oracle Storage Tek T10000D Tape Drive

Oracle has recently announced its new tape drive Storage Tek T10000D to bolster the role of backup tape in the cloud and big data era. Oracle says that, this drive has the capacity of 8.5TB which is highest in the data storage industry up till now as the giant has reduced the number of cartridges, slots and library modules. Apart from that the new Storage Tek T10000D tape drive is also bequeath of fastest and highest data transfer speed.

Oracle Storage Tek T10000D Tape Drive
Oracle Storage Tek T10000D Tape Drive

The key and striking features of this new revolutionary drive are as follows:


Lowest TCO

With this new tape drive you can reduce your cost up to 35% as there is fewer drives, cartridges and media is involved to do the task of data backup and archiving at hand. As a result, this drive not only provides highest industry capacity but also fastest throughput. Further, Storage Tek T10000D tape drive also facilitate cloud providers with fastest monetization

Reliable Data Access

Data integration is really good in this new drive as you can access your enterprise data in real time quite conveniently and reliably

Enhanced Capacity & Convenience

The new tape drive supports LTFS feature and enable users to drag and drop files so easily as you may feel using hard drives or flash technology instead of tapes

Data Protection

Storage Tek T10000D tape drive also pertains to encryption and WORM technology. Hence, it takes care of your important data and also helps you in meeting the industry standards and compliance requirements

Increased Efficiency

The new drive is highly efficient as it has transfer rates of up to 252MB/Sec native uncompressed and 800MB/Sec native compressed. Apart from that its accelerator feature also triggers the data center efficiency


Important facts about new Storage Tek T10000D tape drive are as follows:

  • Drive has 54% more storage capacity per cartridge than previous drives as a result acquisition cost could be reduced by 35%
  • With higher transfer rate, users can easily manage their recovery objectives and archiving SLAs with fewer cartridges on board. Further, the drive has 57% faster data rates than LTO6
  • It is also ideal for next gen converged data centers as it is the first drive which supports both 16Gb/s and 10Gb/s fiber channel over Ethernet
  • The drive is backward compatible with all three previous generations of Storage Tek drives
  • It allows customers to increase capacity of data storage by 55% without having any need of using new media
  • Now you can vali8date the integrity of your data without requiring to send it back to the application. Hence, you can reduce the resource intensive data integrity checks with the incorporation of Storage Tek T10000D tape drive in your infrastructure


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