How to Make Printer Cratridge Ink Last Longer

How to Make Printer Cratridge Ink Last Longer


Printer cartridges are very expensive to replace and their costs quickly increase over time. You can make the cartridges last longer by following a few steps. The following steps will show you how to make your printer ink last longer.

Print only what you need
If you want to make your printer’s ink last longer, you need to spend some time with the print settings in your web browsers and software. If you don’t need page numbers or the URL in the footer of pages you print from the web, turn this option off from print settings.

If you want to print a small section of a web page, highlight only the area of that page you want before you print; you should printout that’s just what you need.

Keep printing until ink goes out

Keep printing even when you get a warning saying that your printer’s ink is low instead of changing the ink cartridge immediately. You may get many extra pages out of a cartridge by doing this. Continue printing until the cartridge ink is almost completely gone.

Change up the font
Smaller and thinner letter font consumes less ink. When you print a big document, change your font to a thinner and small letter font style to use less ink overall. Changing your font size to even one pixel smaller will also have a big effect on ink use and a smaller effect on your doc.

On installing the Ecofont typeface you can save ink with fonts. This free font is designed with tiny holes in each letter and symbol—invisible at 30-point size saving you ink a few drops.

Switch up the colours
In printers black ink runs out first. So when you’re printing something that doesn’t need a professional polish change the colour of the text in your document to magenta or blue. This way, you can save all the black ink for printing document files.

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