KVM Switch- Essential Element for Data Centers

KVM Switch- Essential Element for Data Centers

Raritan, the leading brand in IT market for manufacturing networking hardware designed KVM switches have made easy controlling the complex network scenarios. KVM is abbreviated as Keyboard, Video and Mouse.

KVM switches are mostly used in data centers where many servers are placed in a rack. All the servers are attached with the KVM switch can be accessed individually or mutually through the keyboard, monitor and mouse attached with the switch. For home use, KVM switches can be used to access PC, laptops and tablets through the switch using same keyboard and mouse. The major benefit of KVM switch is that devices of different operating systems could be joined at same time. The method of switching control from one device to other attached with switch depends on type of switch. 2 to 64 computers can be attached to a single switch.

Raritan KVM Switch

Many types of connectors are embedded in KVM switches for connecting devices. RJ-45 female connectors are used for connecting servers or other devices to connect with the switch. VGA, USB and console ports are used for connecting keyboard and mouse to switch. If more devices are required to connect then D2CIM cables are used that also have HDMI connector. D2CIM connector contains one RJ-45 female, 2 USB and one HDMI port. Advantage of using these cables is that they reduce number of cables. Disadvantage is the greater cost of these cables.

Types of KVM Switches

On basis of connectivity technology, KVM switches are divided into 4 major types.

  1. USB Hub Based KVM
  2. Emulated USB KVM
  3. Semi-DDM USB KVM

Advantages of KVM Switches

No more Input Devices Juggling:  Number of required input devices for controlling many servers is reduced because single keyboard and mouse are used for controlling up to 64 devices attached to same switch.

Multiple Devices Access: More than one device can be accessed by connecting them to same switch.

Saving Hardware Costs: Purchasing individual keyboard, mouse and monitor for every computer is no more required.

Energy Saving: As a single monitor is used for controlling every computer, it saves energy. Using dedicated monitor for every computer increases energy usage.

Cross-Platform Operation: Devices of different operating systems can be accessed at same time through same switch.

Wireless Connectivity: Wireless keyboard and mouse can be used for accessing computers attached to switch.

No Clutter: No need of messy cabling and bulky switch box.

Comfort: All the computers can be accessed for same place. NO need to go and individually access every computer.

Productivity: Productivity level increases, as every device is configured in minimum time.

Troubleshooting: Less number of cables used makes troubleshooting easy.  

 Reliability: Risk increases with the increasing number of cables. KVM switches are more reliable because less number of cables is used.

Disadvantages of KVM Switches

Expensive Equipment: Greater cost ok KVM switches is the major disadvantage.

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