Future of Data Backup-Tape Backup vs Hard Disk Backup

Future of Data Backup-Tape Backup vs Hard Disk Backup


Success of every business relies on security of its crucial data. Maintaining purchase and contract records of customers is very important for your business, whether you are running a retail business or an automotive dealership.

Hard drives are very common storage devices used for storing data as they are key storage element in computers and laptops. Data media tapes and hard drives are two very common forms of storage devices used for backup of data. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s have a comparison between these two storage devices and find out which one is best for your business.


The primary difference between these storage devices is the storage technology used in tapes and discs. You can easily copy your data files from a hard disk and store it to data cartridge which you can later retrieve also in the event of a computer crash or other failure.

It can be confusing in making the choice between tapes and discs, but before selecting you know full features of both.


Users are more concerned with storage capacity of device. Today, hard disks offer more storage capacity than tapes. More storage capacity allows you to store more data in one device.


For the security of data, it is best practice to backup your data on daily or weekly basis. For transferring large amount of data to tapes you need fast data transfer speeds. Disks systems transfer data more rapidly than data tapes.

Data from disks can be accessed rapidly than tapes. In tapes, you need to rewind and load tapes in drives to access your required data.


Cost is another important factor that needs consideration before purchasing any backup device. If we check today’s price, a data tape costs 25£ per TB while a disk costs 35£ per TB.

Hassel Factor

You need to consider the amount of data you have to backup. For security of data you need to take tapes offsite after backup. Disk systems are automatic – they can be replicated offsite, in a secure location.


After comparing both disks and tapes, we found that disks are better in terms of cost, storage capacity, speed and usability.


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