Data Backup for Data Protection – Ward off natural disasters!

We are all very well aware of the importance of data in the big data era. Similarly we also know the significance of data security or data protection to keep your data from the consequences of uncertain circumstances and unforeseen natural disasters which could be far and few between but can definitely turn-up into havoc for an organization if there ain’t any backup plans. After having considered this, it could be pinpointed that there are 4 ways of data backup for data protection:

Keep your data in a virtual, Intangible, non physical world – Cloud it up!

The first way which instantly hit on your mind is “Cloud Storage” thanks to the surrounding hype of this term. But yes, in virtual world of cloud there are other cloud security issues and cloud concerns that you need to bear in mind while devising your backup plan

Data Backup for Data Protection
Data Backup for Data Protection

Make sure it is transportable frequently from onsite to offsite

Data tapes and external hard drives HDDs are the best options available to you which can be transported quite easily and frequently. So in case of being struck by any unforeseen disaster, your office might collapse or worn out but your data would not; reason being, it’s not in your office rather it’s at some other location which is physically accessible, tangible and reachable. Thus gives you more control over your data

Avail the perks of NAS if you are a big shot

If you are a large to super large company then go avail the perks of NAS. You can utilize NAS devices and then sync them for centralized backup for data protection. However, you need to vet into finding an appropriate NAS appliance. On the other end, you can use data tapes on large scale provided you do not need to fetch that data very often. It is the best option available for data archiving. Read “Review of Maxell 183850 LTO 2

Give your pains to 3rd party – Avail what they offer but be a persuasive negotiator

Yes, you can disaster proof your data by storing your data tapes or external hard drive in to a disaster proof enclosure. Though many LTOs are enclosed into a protective shell or cartridges cases but to over-protect them you can use 3rd party services to keep your data safe and sound even if any disaster occurs.


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