Criteria for Selecting Best Laptop

Criteria for Selecting Best Laptop

Now a day’s, we find laptops everywhere available in different sizes and shapes. If we walk through any electronics mall or browse internet for purchasing laptop, we find much detailed information and variety of laptops. According to a report of March 2010, there were 30 manufacturing companies of laptops computers. The variety of laptops available and all having best features, it becomes difficult to select best laptop to purchase that comes up to our requirement and budget. Well, the greater variety of laptops available insures one thing that there will be must a laptop that matches all your needs.

Gaming Laptop
Gaming Laptop


The size and weight of laptop is a big decision to take as these are tied directly to laptop components. The size of screen, hard drive, battery and optical device present in laptop all affect overall weight of laptop. If you are photographer or gamer, then you need laptop with most features not considering its weight. But if you travel a lot or you are student, then you need a laptop lighter in weight. Normally, the laptop smaller in size has fewer features in it.


In a laptop or PC, processor is the most important part as it is the brain of your laptop. Processor handles all the processing of programs of a laptop. When purchasing a laptop fastest processor laptop should be selected that you can afford. Well dual processor is good to take all programs run in a laptop and it gives good processing speed. Now a day’s, Core 2 Duo, i3, i5 and i7 processors are available in laptops.

Acer Laptop
Acer Laptop


Laptop’s processing speed also depends on the RAM (Random Access Memory). When the processor runs the programs, it is RAM that stores the processing temporary file and allows to run more programs at a time. RAM size should be selected according to our need. 1 GB of RAM size is good enough to run programs at good performance.

Storage Space

In a laptop or PC, hard drive is the storage place where you keep saved all your files. If you have a lot of digital photographs or music files then you require hard drive with most storage capacity. Internal hard drives installed in laptop can be upgraded when required. When more storage space required then using external hard drive is good option.


At laptop purchasing time consideration that how laptop will connect to internet, USB, external hard drive, optical keyboard, mouse and printers is very important. Most laptops have built-in Wi-Fi for wireless internet connectivity and Ethernet port for wired internet connectivity. Most of the laptops have also built-in Bluetooth for transferring file from laptop to other media like laptop or mobile phone. Laptop with most number of USB ports should be selected.

Optical Drive

In laptop, DVD drive is normally installed. While in laptop of smaller size optical drives are not available. CD and DVD drives both can run and burn optical discs. Laptop with good DVD drive should be selected. The specification of laptop should be read out carefully.

Battery Life

The backup of battery is very important if you most work away from power source. Normally laptops with longer life battery are heavier in weight. But now slim size laptops are also available with good battery life. So, battery backup life consideration is also very important.

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