Cisco 7200 Series- Your Need for Accelerating Your Network

Cisco 7200 Series- Your Need for Accelerating Your Network


Cisco 7200 series routers are designed to give exceptional high level performance for acceleration of your network. Cisco 7200 router was the first router manufactured by Cisco having the industry standard PCI bus. The modular architecture of 7200 series has modular architecture that user may change the port adapters and the board of router when required in future. To increase the security USB port is available for external storage and security token storage. These routers support all CiscoIOS images. These routers are featured with the high performance data transmission of 2 million packets per second that is twice the performance of Cisco 7301 router. Voice Video integration is available. Dual power supplies are installed, in case of failure of AC power supply, DC power supply is used. 7200 Series Routers are more attractive to consumers who wish more high performance and flexibility in network.


Cisco 7200 Series Routers offer twice the data transmission rate that is 2 million packets per second (2mpps).In these routers 1.67-GHz Motorola Freescale 7448 processor is used. Cisco 7200 series routers are powered with industry standard PCI bus. It has increases the performance of LAN and WAN connectivity.

Investment Protection

The modular architecture of Cisco 7200 series router makes the investment protection of consumer with the processor upgrading facility.

GE Ports

Cisco 7200 series routers have 4 built in Gigabit Ethernet ports in it. The first 2 ports are SFP ports and the other two ports can be configured as Ethernet ports by using RJ 45 connector. All these 4 ports support the IEEE 802.1Q standard. The Fast Ethernet port is used for management purpose. 48 LAN\WAN ports are designed for connectivity of users.

IOS Supported

The Cisco 7200 Router series support 12.2SB, 12.4XD, and 12.4T IOS software. They support the IP and Non-IP services.

Cisco 7200 Series Router

USB Port

One USB port is available that is used for external storage and for security token storage.

Serial Ports

4 serial ports are designed for the Wireless connectivity.


Cisco 7200 series routers offer high speed performance at multiservice platform. Customers can integrate the voice and data on the same path that saves cost when running two parallel networks.

Variety of Services

These routers support IP-to-IP Gateway, Video and voice services, MPLS, security and Quality of Service.


These routers have increased connectivity options LAN\WAN and USB port is also there. Optical Fiber connectivity ports are also designed.


1 GB of DRAM is available that supports 1 million routes. Upto 256 removable flash is supported.

Security Features

IOS image of these routers is rich with security and firewall. URL filtering feature is available in the IOS. Intrusion Prevention System is included in the IOS that detects and fix the threats on the network before defecting the data stored. IOS installed protect your gateways that makes your network secure. Security may be used only when required that makes the IOS flexible and increases security.


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