Cisco 1800 Series Router Interfaces Guide

Cisco 1800 Series Router Interfaces Guide


Front view of Cisco 1800 series

Cisco 1800 series router

Back view of Cisco 1800 series


Front View




Cisco 1800 Series Interface Guide

1 System Power (SYS PWR) LED 2 System Activity (SYS ACT) LED


1-System Power

System Power LED on the front side of Cisco 1800 Series Router indicates that either the Router in powered ON or not. LED color is green when ON.
2-System Activity

System Activity LED on the front side of router blinks when packets are being received by router or being transmitted on any LAN\WAN network.


Back View



1 WAN Slot 2 Expansion switch port
3 FXO ports

1-WAN Slot

On the back side of the router WAN slot ids designed which is used when further expansion is required in the network by inserting an extra WIC card in the router.
2-Expansion Switch Port

Expansion switch ports on the back side of the router are used for wired expansion when required in the network. The expansion slots are embedded with high data transfer rate.
3-FXO Ports

FXO ports are also known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services). They are used for connecting old telephones (not IP phones) with the router.




1 BRI ports 2 FXS ports
3 Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports 4 Fast Ethernet (FE) port

1-BRI Ports

Basic Rate Interface ports are used for the voice data transmission in the network.
2-FXS Ports

FXS ports are same as FXO ports, used for connecting Plain Old Telephone Services (POST) phones to router.
3-Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet is the specific Ethernet port through which we can transmit data and pass electricity on same Ethernet cable.
4-Fast Ethernet Port

Fast Ethernet port is featured with 100 Mbps data transmission rate.


back view

1 Serial Number


1-Serial Number

Serial Number is the code used for vendor’s record.


Cisco 1800 Series Router

1 SYS Solid Green Online
2 PoE Solid Green Connected
3 VM Solid Green Online
4 WLAN Blinking Green Connected



SYS LED goes ON, when router is supplied electrical power and is switched ON. When ON it goes Solid Green in color.

PoE LED is switched ON and goes Solid Green in color when device like IP phone is connected with router and data and power is being passed on the same Ethernet cable.

VM means Virgin Media connectivity.

WLAN LED starts blinking green when router is working in wireless mode.


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