Checklist for Optimising your Data Security

Checklist for Optimising your Data Security

Every company has to make sure that their important data is secured from danger. Data security is not to be taken lightly, thus to ensure that your data is secured from hackers, malicious software and all number of viruses, you should consult the following checklist.

Secure your Important Data


  • Develop a clear Security Policy: It is important for your company to take security of your data seriously and as such there must be some security policy in place that every employee must follow.


  • Restrict Access to Authorised Personnel: It is important that only authorised personnel have access to certain areas. As an example data sensitive areas like servers should only be accessed by IT/ Network managers.


  • Personnel Guidelines: Give clear guidelines to all employees regarding what they are privy to and what they are not. Ensure they do not misuse the internet and comply with these guidelines.


  • Map your Network: It is important to know your network thoroughly so that you know where possible security risks can arise. You should know which devices are interconnected so that if a problem occurs in one area, you know what other areas can be affected.


  • Authentication: Technologies that guarantee authenticity although costly provide great security and give an assurance that the user is authorised to access networks, servers and other sensitive data areas.


  • Test Equipment: Make sure that all equipment is properly tested to ensure it is bug free and working in its best condition so that it does not cause problems when integrated into your network or servers.


  • Use a layered Defence: It is not enough to just use firewalls for your data security. Invest in layered defence for optimised data security.



  • Employ Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls: Utilise both firewalls and Intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorised access to your company’
    s network.


  • Properly Encrypt sensitive Data: You never know when a hacker could gain access to your data so it is best that it is in encrypted format.


  • Backup your Data: Secure data using backup devices so that in the event that your data is lost, a backup is available. Devices like Data Backup Tapes and cloud software can help you here.


For more information on how you can increase security for your data, contact ODSI as we understand the importance of data security for any business.

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